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[MU UG] Your-Guide-to-Pursuing-a-Bachelors-in-Sociology-Cover

Social Life, Social Change, Social Justice: Your Guide to Pursuing a Bachelor’s in Sociology

Individuals who are inspired to pursue social justice, who are concerned about ensuring human rights, and who see themselves making a difference in the world are well-suited for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sociology.


A Guide to Getting an Accelerated Cybersecurity Degree at Marymount University

This resource aims to demonstrate the value of Marymount’s accelerated Cybersecurity program, and to outline the future job prospects and career outlook for cybersecurity professionals who are looking to augment their current skills with a cybersecurity education.


Cloud Computing, Data Science, and Game Design and Development: A Guide to the Newest Specializations in Information Technology

With this resource, you'll learn about the field of information technology in greater depth, identify what it means to choose to pursue a degree in this discipline, and explore Marymount University’s BS in IT degree!


You're a Saint!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Marymount University! This resource will tell you everything you need to know about next steps.


Everything You Need to Know About Standardized Tests for College Admissions

This resource will help keep you in-the-know about anything and everything related to standardized tests for college admissions!


The One-Stop College Application Shop

Stay organized and confident during the entire college admissions process with this interactive toolkit!


Your Guide to Financing Your College Education

Explore your options for financing your college education with this informative digital resource page.


Your Guide to Early Action: A Resource for Future College Students

This guide outlines what Early Action (EA) is, why it is important, and how you can get a jumpstart on your applications and scholarship opportunities as early as possible! 

A Guide to Transferring to MU Cover.jpg

A Guide to Transferring to Marymount University

This guide outlines the transfer process at Marymount, information on transfer-specific situations, what kind of financial aid is available to transfer students, and more!


A Beginner's Guide to Fashion

This guide will showcase how Fashion Design and Merchandising at Marymount will help prepare you for a career in the fashion industry.


27 Questions to Ask During Your College Visits

A resourceful eBook to questions that discerning high school students should ask during their college visits. 


Guide to Researching Scholarships 

Get access to tips and tricks on how to rock the college scholarship search in a way that is efficient, effective, and rewarding!



14 Tips to Completing Great Scholarship Applications 

We know that the thought of applying to scholarships can be daunting, so we created this eBook to help guide your journey.


8 Tips on Helping Your Student Conquer the College Admissions Process

A helpful guide for parents on helping your student conquer the college admissions process.

How to apply to Marymount University Infographic

How to Apply to Marymount University

A graphic on the 5 step process in applying to Marymount University.

5 Tips to Kick-Starting Your Scholarship Application Process Infographic

5 Tips to Kick-Starting Your Scholarship Application Process

5 quick tips for starting your scholarship application process.


A Guide to Working While in College in the DC Metro Area

This guide will tell you about some of the long-term benefits of working while in school and give you some tips and tricks on how best to manage your school and work life!

Guide for International Students Cover

A Guide for International Students

This guide is great for international students looking at applying to Marymount University.


Study Abroad Infographic

This infographic breaks down the study abroad program Marymount — giving you everything you need to know, from the GPA average of admitted students to languages studied and host countries.