Occupational Therapy (Transitional O.T.D.)

The Marymount University transitional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (t.O.T.D.) program provides an opportunity for all US licensed occupational therapists who hold a master’s degree in occupational therapy, to transition their academic credential to the O.T.D. This fully online program, offered in association with Rehab Essentials Inc., employs a dynamic learning-in-context environment that is designed to engage the learner at their speed and level within their context of practice. 

This innovative t.O.T.D. curriculum is taught by nationally recognized faculty and is strongly rooted in evidence-based practice. As a Marymount t.O.T.D. student, you will be connected to a diverse online community of experienced professional peers. Through completion of this comprehensive curriculum you will advance your critical thinking skills and professional knowledge and behaviors necessary to excel in the science and art of Occupational Therapy. 


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