Information Technology (B.S.)

Located as we are at the nexus of IT and Business, one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing technology communities in the United States. The School of Business and Technology offers comprehensive and robust programs to help students develop the necessary skills and insights to be leaders in technology fields and be ready for the jobs of tomorrow. 

Marymount's information technology (IT) program offers a solid foundation of knowledge across the system life cycle — defining requirements, developing software, administering and securing a computer network, and successfully managing IT projects. The curriculum addresses hardware, software, databases, networks, security, quality assurance, and project management.

Students in the Information Technology (B.S.) program are also prepared for industry-wide certifications, such as Net+ from CompTia, and Certified Software Tester (CSTE) from the QA Global Institute.  In addition, to learning the fundamentals of the information technology discipline, students also choose a specialty area of study, including:

Cloud Computing
This specialization is for students who wish to specialize in architecting, developing, and managing systems in the cloud computing environment. 
Computer Science
This specialization is for students who would like to design and build software products or design and build complex, secure networks.
Data Science
This specialization is for students who wish to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities to collect, store, find, and interpret "big data."
Forensic Computing
This specialization is for students who wish to investigate computer incidents and prepare evidence for use in a court of law.
Game Design and Development
This specialization is for students who wish to develop high-quality games for a variety of media in the gaming industry and beyond.
Information Systems
This specialization is for students who wish to provide technical support to system users and design and manage websites, usually in a business context.
Networking and Cybersecurity
This specialization is for students who wish to specialize in network administration and the protection of today's computer systems.
Marymount's information technology undergraduate and graduate programs are coordinated through The Cyber Center in the Ballston Center, fourth floor. A Canvas site provides information on the various programs, events, resources, jobs, and internships. 

Marymount undergraduates who wish to accelerate their progress toward completion of a master's degree (Business Administration, Cybersecurity, or Information Technology) can apply for the pre-M.S./pre-MBA option. Students accepted into these competitive programs begin their studies toward their master's degree while completing their bachelor’s degree. Students accepted into these programs can supplement their undergraduate graduation requirements with up to 12 credits of specified graduate coursework during their senior year.


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