The Saints Grant Program

Our Graduate programs are a great complement to your undergraduate degree from Marymount! Employers across the DMV (and US!) are seeking highly-skilled talent that can make a difference in their organizations. With an advanced degree from Marymount, you will be more marketable and ready for your future career. Marymount graduating seniors and alumni are offered an incentive to continue your education at Marymount within our in-demand degrees programs!

What it is

The Saints Grant Program is available to all degree seeking or non-degree seeking alumni and graduating seniors who apply, are admitted, and register for graduate coursework in the Summer or Fall semesters and have a qualifying 2.8 or higher GPA.

The grant provides up to a total of $6,000 towards your graduate degree or certificate at Marymount.

How it works

A $3,000 Saints Grant will be offered to all May and December graduates from Marymount who have achieved a cumulative GPA at or above 2.8, and all Marymount alumni with comparable academic standing who are not currently enrolled in graduate coursework at the University.

Saints Grant recipients who begin their studies in the Summer or Fall semester and choose to pursue a Marymount master’s degree will be offered an additional $3,000 Saints Grant, which would be credited in the last semester of their academic program prior to graduation.

All graduate programs are eligible for Saints Grants except for Nursing, Counseling, Physical Therapy, Doctorate of Education (EdD) and Forensic & Legal Psychology. Students that are receiving an institutional award or external scholarship that is already covering the full cost of attendance are not eligible to receive the Saints Grant.


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