Economics (B.S.)

Economics is a social science that seeks to understand human behavior by analyzing how changes in incentives affect the choices individuals and groups of individuals make. The basic challenge of economic decision making involves satisfying unlimited human wants with limited resources. Exploring this central economic concept becomes even more complex when a specific society’s values, objectives, and institutions are considered. Marymount’s B.S. in economics uses this economic framework to understand a broad range of diverse issues, including business operations, environmental policy issues, poverty, law, financial institutions, and international trade, among others.

Additionally, the B.S. in economics teaches students in rigorous quantitative, statistical, econometric, and computational skills. The B.S. is an ideal choice for students interested in data science or are interested in pursuing graduate education in economics.

Marymount’s location in the metropolitan Washington, DC, area provides the perfect setting for real-time analysis and experience via site visits, internship opportunities, and guest speakers from think tanks and government agencies. Small class sizes allow extensive individual interaction with professors.

A degree in economics prepares students for careers in government, consulting, and business. Indeed, average starting salaries for undergraduate economics majors are routinely among the highest among all undergraduate programs. Studying economics also provides an excellent foundation for graduate studies in law, public policy, international studies, or business.

Students majoring in economics will be encouraged by advisors to choose their elective courses with specific postgraduate goals in mind. The economics degree provides ample elective credits for students to explore additional academic interests in fields like business, politics, mathematics, history, English, sociology, philosophy, and psychology.


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